Thursday, April 7, 2016

Arthur Crowe's Factory New RELEASES and HOTT Bonus

New RELEASE.. Arthur Crowe  Get Yours ONLY at Arthur Crowe's Factory 
-->click HERE<--
All fresh RELEASES get Yours today :)
Cute and Quirky Pack -->click HERE<--
Cute and Quirky Pack w Kits -->click HERE<--
Colorful Goth -->click HERE<--
Colorful Goth Kit -->click HERE<--
Colorful Goth Tube and Kit -->click HERE<--
Cute Cupcake -->click HERE<--
Cute Cupcake Kit -->click HERE<--
Cute Cupcake Tube and Kit -->click HERE<--
Quirky Monster -->click HERE<--
Quirky Monster Kit -->click HERE<--
Quirky Monster Tube and Kit -->click HERE<--

PROMO Showoff

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2016 April Desktop Calendar -->click HERE<--
2016 April Desktop Calendar w Kit -->click HERE<--

Dark Spring Pack -->click HERE<--
Dark Spring Pack w Kits -->click HERE<--
Gothic Primavera -->click HERE<--
Gothic Primavera Kit -->click HERE<--
Gothic Primavera Tube and Kit  -->click HERE<--
Mariposa Oscura -->click HERE<--
Mariposa Oscura Kit -->click HERE<--
Mariposa Oscura Tube and Kit -->click HERE<--
Dark Rose Queen -->click HERE<--
Dark Rose Queen Kit -->click HERE<--
Dark Rose Queen Tube and Kit -->click HERE<--

PROMO Showoff
Please show some Love if You snag Thanks xx

Spring Chibi -->click HERE<--
Spring Chibi for Resell  Please Read TOU's  Can be used for personal use as a tube. Use proper copyright included in the zip file. Commercial Terms of Use:
This doll can be for resell,commercial use,personal use (flattend image only)
* Credit is required for Arthur Crowe with a copyright and url to his store in your zip files.
* No freebies allowed.
* This is an limited reseller so there will be only 10 copies sold.
* Do not use any part of this doll or any element from this doll to make
a new doll. Do not mix n match any other dolls with this one.Do not rip doll apart.
You can take off elements you do not want.
* DO not change the dolls character ( ie turning a cat into a bunny)
* No single element from this doll can be put out on its own.
* Must be in merged format only ( NO LAYERS)
* NO sharing of any kind ( friends, websites, clouds,file sharing sites,groups)
* Can be colourized as needed.Just grey the layers and color to fit your needs.
* You can add your own elements or cu4cu safe elements to make the doll your own.
If its not on here or your in doubt please don't assume its ok.
Thank you for your purchase. Any problems or questions please contact me at:
CLICK HERE-->Arthur Crowe Factory or -->ACF-CUSTOMERCARE
CU Spring Sign -->click HERE<-- Large Tagger Size CU OK Clip Art.
CU Lemon Soda -->click HERE<-- Large Tagger Size CU OK Clip Art.
CU Ladybug -->click HERE<-- Large Tagger Size CU OK Clip Art.
Free Gift Tube 6 -->click HERE<-- This tube is totally free just download it :D if you dont want to get it through the store you can get it through the fb group. NO money at all was made from this tube it is truly free.
Warrior Bonus -->click HERE<-- Spend $8 after sales and discounts in ONE receipt  and receive this fabulous Warrior BONUS tube and matching scrapkit. Just email customer service at ACF-CUSTOMERCARE with your receipt to claim your bonus! MAKE SURE YOU SEND THE NAME OF THE BONUS THAT YOU WANT. IF YOU DON'T DO THIS YOU WILL GET THE CURRENT BONUS AND CANNOT TRADE IT IN! No GV allowed as form of payment.

ThankYou for stopping by now its Your turn to go shopping :)

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